Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daulat Najib!

Daulat Najib! I'm so sick of the Agong the sultans and their incessant demand! Why are there so many royalty in Malaysia! All nine of them! I want to get rid of them all! All you need is just one. ME! By getting rid of the Agongs the Sultans, I get more money as well! which means more girls and C4 for me. Isn't that a great idea? What does Agong and Sultans ever do? They only know how to get money from me and use it buy this and that. They sleep in their palaces all day long and do nothing. Lucky the Perak one has some use, at least he listen to me and kick out PR there. But if I'm Agong, I would have done the same. Don't need someone else to do the kicking. I will kick all PR MBs, speakers out in all states. And on top of that I save money. Money money money.

The monarchy in Malaysia are a bunch of useless bums that sits around all day doing nothing. I will get rid of them, and install myself as the only Agongs in Malaysia. This way, you don't have to say Daulat Tuanku anymore, people would just have to say Daulat Najib. See, I even have a mock up picture prepared. Don't I look handsome? Especially the big dagger on my waist. Plus I can raise the big dagger anytime I want now. All I have to do is prepare a Koran in there as well, then I can swear on it anytime as well. All is good and well after I get rid of the monarchies. All nine of them. Lets see how Anwar can dismiss me when I'm Agong. Stupid guy, he doesn't even know he is doomed to be send back to Kamunting soon. Daulat NAJIB!


  1. Dear Fake Najib,

    Can you teach me how to post a clickable link in Malaysia Today? Thank you.

  2. You can contact me at

    Thank you again...

  3. You try-lah put me back in Kamunting. The people all support me now. You nowhere.

  4. forgot to give you my name. i am fakeanwar

  5. Wah I go on holiday to china singapore then suddenly got pple leave comments on my post. My picture nice or not. I think the Pirate hat suits me. Anyway David just click on the url icon and u will get the following tags [url] [\url] just put your url in between loh. Its ok... I at 1st also don't know how to put. Then Dr M show me how also... That Dr M is very smart. As for fakeanwar where is your blog? I send u back kamunting. just report to nearest balai police station.

  6. canot like tis a~
    later kena ISA
    disobeying the RAJA means "get out of my country"
    we have no fkin rights
    n whats moral n malaysian studies all about?

  7. the pic if seen by Najib(not the fake one), he will sue u leh .. haha ..